Best college soccer team in the US

Maybe you know them thanks to your children, maybe you’ve heard about their outstanding records, maybe you’ve played with them, but there’s one thing for sure: we all know great college soccer teams and players. But which are the best? Let’s find out thanks to our top ranking!

Stanford University, best of bests

They have been playing in the Pac-12 Conference since the team’s creation, in 1973. The team is considered to be amongst the best college soccer team in the world, since they own three College Cup winnings, in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

They appeared in the NCAA Division 14 times since their foundation (no later than in 2018), which is a remarkable number. Go, Cardinal!

Indiana University, the most successful soccer team

Not only they are among the oldest college soccer teams, being founded in 1973, but they also among the most successful teams in general. They are part of the prestigious Big Ten Conference they hold with a total of 12 titles since 1991.

Also, they cumulate 8 NCAA titles, which makes them second in the top ranking of best college soccer teams.

Wake Forest, the third-best program in the US

Situated in Winston-Salem, the team has shown great results and that’s why they are listed top 3 of the NCAA’s ranking, a championship they won once, in 2007.

However, they currently have the title of the most competitive championship of the US, the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC). Among their players, they have Jose Mari Bakero’s son, Jon Bakero, which has proven to be as talented as his father.

University of Louisville, the most recent best players

Some people may see they don’t deserve their rank in this top list, but Louisville’s soccer team has done a lot for the past ten years, thanks to its coach Ken Lolla (now led by John Michael Hayden).

Named the Cardinals, they currently compete in the ACC end, even though they never won any competitions yet, they appeared 10 times in the last seasons.

Duke University, the most regular team in championships

They may not have had 10 victories in the last decade, but Duke University has made more appearances in championships than any other college soccer team, totalizing 26 appearances in championships…

This may be explained because the Blue Devils were founded in 1935, which makes it the oldest college soccer team of all! They also have many talents that went to professional teams after their graduation, such as Mike Grella (2006) or Sean Davis (2014).

Michigan University, member of the Big Ten

The Wolverines play in the first division of the Big Ten Conference of the NCAA and, for that reason, they deserve this place in the ranking. Founded in 2000, the club has made 6 appearances in tournaments and won the College Cup once, in 2010.

They are supported by the Michigan Ultras.

What about you? Which team do you support? Which is your favorite?